Obtain Recognition of your Expertise in Adult Echocardiography through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RPCSC) has recognized the Area of Focused Competence (AFC) in Adult Echocardiography as a Royal College discipline. Access to the AFC credential in Adult Echocardiography has traditionally been obtained through the in-training route with enrollment in a RCPSC accredited training program in Adult Echocardiography. 

Recently, the RCPSC announced the launch of a new Practice Eligibility Route for the Area of Focused Competence (PER-AFC) in Adult Echocardiography and applications are being accepted.

If you have acquired the competencies of Adult Echocardiography through professional practice and would like to have your enhanced competencies recognized by the Royal College with an additional designation, we invite you to apply. The competencies and eligibility criteria are outlined in the application form which can be requested by contacting Tiffany Lynch at diplomas@royalcollege.ca. This is an application-based process which reviews your discipline specific scope of practice and collects feedback from a number of peers through Multisource Feedback (MSF). Your application package will be reviewed by the AFC Committee in Adult Echocardiography to determine whether you meet the discipline’s requirements. 

The application fee is $1950 CDN and the annual fee for Diplomates is $250 CDN.

Applicants deemed eligible for the credential by the AFC Committee will be invited to have their credential recognized by the Royal College by becoming a Diplomate. As a Diplomate, you will receive a diploma suitable for framing and will be eligible to use the designation DRCPSC. More information about becoming a Diplomateis available online.

Information about the route and the application process is available on the Royal College website.

Ian Burwash MD FRCPC

Chair, AFC in Adult Echocardiography

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