Echo AUC & iASE, ASE Echo Guidelines Mobile App 2.5 released at the ASE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis

EchoAUC is an app that provides an immediately accessible source to make a quick decision for patient care that is backed up by expert opinion. The physicians will find it easy to use the free AUC App to stratify the patient, by disease and condition, into different treatment scenarios and determine quickly whether an echo should be ordered. They will also be prompted with information on how to best describe these testing limitations to the patient. They will then have more time to focus on the care of the patient and be able to eliminate extra, unneeded or overused testing. This App includes the 98 AUC indications for transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE).

iOS (iPhone 3GS or above/iPad/iPod Touch) and Android versions are now available (Free).

iASE is a tool developed by the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) to provide clear and concise summaries of the most popular guidelines published by the ASE, and as a platform to deploy additional guidelines and tools in the future. Each guideline summary includes key tables, reference values, and figures that are quick and easy to look-up. They can also serve as a teaching tool in an educational setting. Over 20 echocardiography calculators are also included to complement the guidelines. They feature useful information, figures, references, echo calculators, and easy look up for prosthetic valve gradients.

iOS (iPhone 3GS or above/iPad/iPod Touch) and Android versions are now available ($).

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